About Mikey Adams

The first known picture of me depicts my first attempt at giving the finger. Couldn’t quite pull it off yet although I did know what it meant.


Standing in front of Dad’s 1949 Buick, I cut quite a figure in hand-me-down duds and Forrest Gump’s shoes. But this was the 50’s, and nobody gave a shit, including me.


My first formal photo at age 3 featured overalls and my brother egging me on to give the finger. He loved when I got into trouble, because it made him look better.


By the time I was a scrawny, wise-assed 11 year old, I had learned that chicks always dig clamdiggers and Beatle haircuts.


I was elected to the 8th grade student council and told to wear a tie for the picture. (Back row, 2nd from left). I was kicked off the student council for…..(wait for it)….giving the finger to a teacher. True story.


I was raised in a cathouse, and by 15 years of age I was able to wear my hair like Ringo and buy nice watches.


Due to behavioral issues I spent my Junior year at Avon Old Farms Prep School where the mascot was the “Winged Beaver”. As gross as that sounds, there were no girls on campus, yet I still learned to bullshit my way out of trouble. I was kicked out in January of my senior year not for giving the finger, but because some shithead fingered me as a Hashish smoker.


Senior Prom and my first mustache. I didn’t know I would have it for the rest of my life, but my date did. That’s probably why I got NOTHING that night. Well, that and my choice to wear Liberace’s tux.


Here’s proof that I received my Manchester High School diploma. The school had no proof that I had cheated on my final chemistry exam. Fooled ‘em again.


I decided that a career playing records for 4 hours a day was better than my dream of being an underwear model for JC Penney, so it was Connecticut School of Broadcasting where I learned the art of spinning little vinyl discs and blathering useless phrases.


From 1973 until 1983 I was un-gainfully employed at all these radio stations: WINF- This was a Class IV AM station in Manchester, CT. 1000 watts daytime, 250 watts at night. I was on at night. Not a single soul heard me on this radio station, and that was OK because I was an amateur.


WAQY- Automated Juke Box. I was a commercial writer and voice.


WPOP- As part of the final DJ crew at this legendary AM station, I was able to work with guys like the Greaseman, Bob Craig, Lee Gordon, Charlie Steiner and Gerry Brooks. I was issued the airname Dale Denver, but at least we had some listeners.


WRCQ- “The Golden 91Q”. Nights then morning drive, thanks to the recommendation of Ted Dalaku. I was Dale Denver here until I was dumped for Ken Griffin, who was still drinking a lot.


WLOB- It was off to Portland, ME, where I was the Program Director of WLOB. They had no bumper stickers, no ratings, no revenue and sometimes no heat. Station was in the middle of a damn cow pasture next to a stinky ass paper mill. Blizzard of 1978 was the big highlight of my stay in Maine, and the lowlight was a fart by morning man Bud Sawyer which lingered in the studio until springtime. Good Times. Here’s a picture of both my listeners in Maine.

Mikey15 MIKEY15a

WHYN- Afternoon Drive on the #1 rated station in Springfield sounds better than it really was. I made about $200 a week and had to work for this guy. Disco still sucks.


WCCC- As morning man I had the rarest of radio opportunities, that of being Howard Stern’s replacement . Of course, HIS career shit the bed, while MINE took off like a rocket. We both left WCCC for the exact same reason. Owner Sy Dresner was cheaper than Jack Benny on steroids. The job paid $250 a week no matter who sat in the freakin’ chair.


WAQY II- Rehired at WACKY 102 as Program Director, Music Director, Promotion Director, Station Manager and Morning Drive Personality, I changed the format to Rock 102, hired a staff of guys I knew from WHCN and WCCC. Fred Norris did the evening shows until he left to join Howard Stern for about 30 years. WAQY is still playing classic rock. Right format, worked hard, but they fired me.


WFSB- Channel 3- As a Connecticut guy, this was a great gig. As a producer, reporter and sports anchor I was able to cover the New York Giants, the Celtics, Red Sox and of course, those lovable Hartford Whalers. The bad news was having to wear makeup on TV, to cover the ruddy complexion.


NECN- After being dumped by Channel 3 in favor of some guy named Harvey Smilovitz (true story), I became the Sports Director and Anchor for NEW ENGLAND CABLE NEWS. It was there that we created MIKE ADAMS’ SPORTSWORLD, a nightly fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants live call-in TV sports talk show. In reality, it was a clusterfuck of weirdness, technical errors, unedited profanity, midget wrestlers followed by infomercials and fat karaoke singers. We won 2 Emmys. Still can’t believe it.

Mikey20 Mikey20a

Fox25- As the first ever Sports Anchor in the history of Fox 25, I finally got the hair thing down, but they eventually realized I was just too damn handsome to be on at 10 pm.


WNEW- New York’s legendary rock station became a talk station in 1999, and I was there, working with the meanest bitch ever to work in radio. Hated it, hated her and hated living in NYC. Hate to say it, but I hate hating, so I came back to Boston. WEEI- Off and on has been my radio home since 1994, with brief departures to WBZ Calling All Sports and the disastrous 4 months of hell at 1510 The Zone. Planet Mikey began on December 15th, 2005.